Herman Theodorus


Most people are confused about me because I have multiple interest/occupations in life. The Lord has been gracious to me in many ways. Even though I am not the most talented person in the world, I have surrendered the little talent that I have to the Lord for the sake of His kingdom. Outside ministries, I have two occupations first as an investor and second as electronic engineer.

Even though I have been leading worship for almost 13 years (from 1994 to 2004, 2014 to today), I did not consider music or worship leading as my primary career path. It was more of volunteering at the church. I was inspired to go either to Silicon Valley, California to pursue technology start up company or to Manhattan, New York to merge together with like minded investor surrounding Wall Street.

Jesus is my Lord. Around 2012-2013, He spoke to my heart to go deeper into worship leading. I obeyed. I lay down my personal ambition and dream and started following His direction instead. I thought I supposed to lead worship only. To make long story short, little did I know that He wanted me to go deeper into something that was quite unexpected.

With a lot of caution and careful evaluation, I sense in my heart Holy Spirit directs me to make fame out of Jesus and His name so that many more people will know about His goodness, kindness and compassionate heart. Because of this vision, I have been more and more active in leading worship in specific niche of compassionate worship (worship leading for outreaches: evangelism, prison ministry, homeless, etc) as well as pouring out the creative side of my brain into the worship music (and music industry in general) especially in the area of song writing. It is very possible that in the near future depending on the Lord’s direction that I will add worship music/music industry as major part of career & ministry. Thus: worship leader, intensive piano, guitar & vocal training (Worship Team Academy by Gateway Church Southlake TX), song writing (classes through Worship Team Academy), Nashville and NCS.

My heart is longing to see people (that God loves so very much and dearly) seeing the Splendor of The King of The Universe as The Son of God is lifted up high.

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