John Chisum is one of Christian music’s veteran songwriters and industry executives. He and his young wife, Donna, moved to Nashville in late 1983 to take a church job that ultimately fell through and they experienced a brief season of homelessness. Within a few months, however, a mutual acquaintance introduced him to industry legend Gary McSpadden (The Bill Gaither Trio) who signed the unproven songwriter to a new Gaither company, Ariose Music.

In his first year under the mentorship of McSpadden and Gaither, Chisum had almost twenty of his own songs recorded by national artists and was hired as a “song plugger” for the company to represent the growing catalog of songs and its songwriters to recording artists, music industry personnel, and producers. ¬†Ariose Music became a powerhouse publishing group in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s until the company merged with Star Song Media and later merged with industry giant, Capitol/EMI.

Chisum was promoted to Vice-President of Publishing at Star Song Media, a position he held until 1992 when he became Director of Song Development and Copyright for Integrity Media. At Integrity Media, John managed a roster of eighteen full-time writers and functioned as A&R oversight for over 200 products distributed in over 200 countries.

After holding these positions and with over 400 of his own songs appearing on records and in print, as well as scoring numerous Top Ten and #1 songs, Chisum took a hiatus from the industry to become an internationally-loved worship leader and teacher, traveling over one-million miles to date encouraging believers and teaching on songwriting and worship leading. His songs appear in hymnals and are woven into the fabric of worshiping churches worldwide.

John also took this time to complete an undergraduate in Liberal Arts from the University of South Alabama and a Masters of Arts in Worship Studies from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, and served as interim Worship Pastor for three mega churches ranging from Sacramento, California, to Chicago, Illinois, before becoming a full-time Worship Pastor for a multi-site church in the Grand Rapids area from 2010 – 2014.

In early 2015, John and Donna returned “home” to Nashville where he formed Nashville Christian Songwriters, a coaching and resource company dedicated to “empowering Christian songwriters worldwide.” In a very short time, Chisum has grown NCS to include its first 12-hour instructional video series, a roster of clients across America and Canada participating in his Mastering the Art & Craft of Christian Songwriting “boot camp,” a burgeoning Facebook presence with a highly active group called Successful Christian Songwriters (app 4,500 members to date) and 10,000 fans so far on the NCS Facebook fan page.

Chisum and his team also launched NCS MEMBERSHIP in June 2017 as a high-quality Christian songwriters community offering exclusive monthly content, song critiques, frequent masterclasses, and live events geared to fulfill their imperative to equip and inspire Christian songwriters worldwide to fulfill their calling to write world-changing Gospel-centered songs.

The flagship NCS podcast is called “The Song Revolution Podcast” and is available on iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud,, and on The weekly show features interviews with artists, producers, industry personnel, and Chisum’s own brand of teaching and encouragement for aspiring songwriters. Launched April 1, 2017, the show has already garnered almost 15,000 downloads and is growing as each new episode is released.

For interviews, appearances, or more information, contact John at [email protected]


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