Is NCS Boot Camp Your Next Step to Being Heard? [Beginning September 10th]

I remember stumbling into Nashville in 1983 to take a job that ultimately fell through. We had $40 to our name, no place to live, and a heart full of dreams of being heard as a Christian songwriter.

Having no clue how the music business worked, I got odd jobs to make ends meet and would drive up and down Music Row praying for God to “open up the music business” for me.

That’s when I met Bill Gaither and Gary McSpadden, two men whose names I barely knew but who would become my mentors, my way into a career now spanning 30+ years and counting. I didn’t even know that I needed a mentor (or even what one was back then), but I can look back and see that what they taught me allowed me to go on to write and publish over 400 songs and serve at very high levels in supporting dozens of other pro songwriters.

Having a coach increases effectiveness from 500 – 800%.

I remember being so hungry back then for their approval and for people to love my songs. I had experienced an amazing conversion to Christ and all I wanted to do was write and sing about it, but I soon realized that my passion for writing wasn’t going to make me a great writer. I wrote my little love songs to Jesus each week only to be disappointed again and again as they would look at my songs and kindly (but firmly) teach me that writing songs from my feelings alone wasn’t going to cut it.


Then one day I started seeing that I needed to write from the listener’s point of view, really get inside their hearts and understand how they think and feel when listening to a song. The lessons Bill & Gary were teaching me started sinking in and I began to experience breakthroughs in my understanding of how to craft a song, not just wish that I could write one.

I moved from writing intuitively to actually owning the process, mastering the art and craft of Christian songwriting, and it is this very process I will teach you in the NCS Boot Camp to help you make that same shift.

Are you ready to own the process of songwriting?

If you’re ready to do all you can to go from amateur to pro, from average to amazing, from just “trying” to write to full-on mastery, there’s nothing faster or more effective than NCS Boot Camp.

It’s an eight-week online coaching and mentoring program designed to walk you through the process I would have never learned on my own without a true mentor, a faithful guide who helped me discover my deepest talents, my hidden creativity, and to go from just wanting to write to doing it professionally and powerfully for decades.

Luke had Yoda. You have NCS.

Every major artist and athlete has at least one coach.

Some have multiple coaches because they know that coaching is the key to real success.

NCS exists to empower Christian songwriters worldwide and the Boot Camp is our most personalized premium coaching service that cuts years off of the learning curve and opens up a new world of interaction and opportunity for you, but only if you’re among the few willing and ready to take that step.

If you’re interested in exploring if NCS Boot Camp is your next right step, READ ABOUT IT AND APPLY HERE. NCS Boot Camp isn’t for the timid or for those looking for a free ride to stardom. Nothing works that way.

You’ll have to fill out a quick interest application for the call to gauge your level of commitment to doing this. If it seems you are a viable candidate for the program you’ll have a more extensive application and submit three songs for review.

We are accepting only a few new clients for this exclusive opportunity. Will you be one of them?

Here’s the link again:

If it weren’t for Bill Gaither and Gary McSpadden, I would have never known what real songwriting was about. Come to think of it, without them you may never have had this chance, either.

If you’ve been feeling a strong pull to take a deeper step into your calling APPLY NOW. Waiting another day just means another day lost.


“With great joy I am happy to recommend John Chisum!” ~Bill Gaither

“John Chisum is one of the best there is. He’s drawing from years of experience as a successful music executive to develop Christian songwriters by providing practical tips and training through his organization, Nashville Christian Songwriters. I highly recommend NCS to anyone wanting to develop their skills as a Christian songwriter.”  ~ Don Moen, Recording Artist, Worship Leader, and Songwriter

“Nashville Christian Songwriters brings a frame to the picture of your gift with community, coaching, and strong resources. Take hold of your next adventure with NCS.”  ~ Jared Anderson, Worship Leader and Writer of Great I Am, Glorified, Lord, I’m Amazed

John Chisum

John Chisum is a pioneer in the Christian music business, serving alongside people such as Bill & Gloria Gaither, Twila Paris, Paul Baloche, Don Moen, and many more. As Managing Partner of Nashville Christian Songwriters, John seeks to empower Christian songwriters worldwide to discover and fulfill their call to write.

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