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Six Weeks to Successful Christian Songwriting is a six-module online coaching experience designed to give you all the essential tools you need to write better songs now. Each module is chock full of practical and inspirational tools to keep you engaged, motivated, and moving easily towards your goal. Write the kind of songs you’ve always dreamed of!

Are you a frustrated Christian songwriter?

Having trouble finishing your songs?

Do you struggle with writing great lyrics or music?

Wonder if anyone will ever hear your songs (and actually love them)?

Are you desperate for some inspiration, creativity and connection?


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New Reduced Price!

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6 Modules with approximately 12 hours of content
Bonus PDF: The Songbuilder’s Blueprint
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Two 1-hour Video Sessions via Skype or Facetime
6 Modules with approximately 12 hours of content
Bonus PDF: The Songbuilder’s Blueprint
Private Facebook Group Access

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Six Weeks to Successful Christian Songwriting


If you aren’t satisfied with this course for any reason, we offer a “GUILT FREE GUARANTEE” and will refund your investment in its entirety within 30 days of purchase. That means there’s NO RISK for you and NO GUILT if you decide its just not for you. All you have to do is send us an email with a one-sentence explanation and give us any feedback you might have of why the course didn’t work for you and what we can do to improve it for you. Easy-peasy!

Chisum_studioHi, I’m John Chisum, Managing Partner of Nashville Christian Songwriters, and I feel your pain.

I know what it’s like to have a powerful experience with Jesus that I just had to tell the world about in a song, only to have that song fall flat. No one wanted to hear it, really. I mean, people would listen politely to it, but they weren’t clamoring to buy my cd’s or anything. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong for the longest time, but I kept on trying. And trying and trying and trying.

I wrote and wrote, but it seemed like I just couldn’t crack the code on what made songs great and why some ended up on the radio all the time or others became such favorites in churches. I felt like the athlete who practices and practices, but never lands the jump or the home run or the goal. I was very frustrated.

Do you ever feel that way? Are you on the verge of throwing in the towel and giving up on your dreams of writing great songs?

Here’s the short version—I cracked the code and wound up mentoring a bunch of writers for big publishing companies and getting over 400 of my own songs recorded and heard all over the world. It was fun! I wound up making my own cd’s for Warner Christian, Integrity, Pamplin Music, and Martingale Records and built an international ministry traveling over one-million miles so far, and all because I finally got it. And now you can get it, too!

You see, I cracked the code by learning a few simple secrets professional Christian songwriters use. There are key principles and insights that the people who write professionally and consistently have figured out and use every day in their writing. I want to share them with you! I know that, if you’ll pay close attention and begin to use these same principles, you’ll see amazing improvement in your writing—you’ll write better songs fast!

The essential elements of great songwriting never change, no matter what styles are popular right now. You can learn this stuff.

I’ve been writing and publishing professionally for over 30 years now and I’ve learned many things about songwriting that I know will help get you out of your rut and on the road again! No matter how frustrated, confused, lonely, or disappointed you are with your songwriting, this course could be just the thing to pick you up and get you on track to writing your best songs ever!

Whether you’re a singer/songwriter, a worship leader, a Mom or Dad, attorney, a band member, a musician, or a homemaker, if you want to write better songs now, Six Weeks to Successful Christian Songwriting is the quickest and easiest way to get the tools you need to impact your lyrics and melodies immediately!

This is your time. This is your song. Join me today!



  • You have reams of notebooks filled with song snippets, but NOTHING finished.
  • You listen to songs on the radio and wish YOU’D written them.
  • You wonder how the REAL SONGWRITERS do it.
  • You’ve tried over and over to get people to listen to your songs but NO ONE is interested.
  • You long to hear people in your church and in churches all over the world singing words YOU wrote and worshiping God in a deeper way, but have NO CLUE how that could happen.
  • You seem to go to the SAME OLD CHORDS on your guitar or keys.
  • You feel STUCK and MISERABLE about your songwriting and wonder how it could ever change.
  • You know you have songs LOCKED UP INSIDE YOU and you feel desperate to get them out.
  • You feel TIME SLIPPING BY and wonder if you’ll ever write a truly great song.
  • You believe GOD has whispered a call into your heart to write, but don’t really know much about how to fulfill that call.
  • You realize that you need GREAT COACHING and GREATER knowledge about the craft of songwriting in order to fulfill your heart’s desire to write amazing songs.
  • You long to be part of an exciting community of creative people who GET YOU and who want to be part of your creative journey.


  • The secrets that PROFESSIONAL CHRISTIAN SONGWRITERS use to craft great songs year after year.
  • An easy-to-use and understandable SYSTEM for crafting great songs
  • A complete set of SONGWRITING TOOLS that made writing clear, practical, and consistent
  • Valuable insights that guide you to write COMPELLING lyrics that move listeners closer to God
  • Useful step-by-step instruction on how EVERY LINE and EVERY SECTION of a song should be designed to work together
  • Access to a PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY filled with creative songwriters willing to share their friendship and insights
  • Clear direction on how to improve every aspect of your songs and songwriting
  • A powerful way to step into your destiny as a Christian songwriter
  • Greater awareness of how to CRAFT BEAUTIFUL SONGS that “stick”
  • Powerful exercises to HONE YOUR SONGWRITING SKILLS
  • The ability to FIND GREAT IDEAS for songs
  • The power to IDENTIFY “NORTH STAR HOOKS” that made your songs practically write themselves
  • A way to move from vagueness to IMMINENT IMAGERY in your lyric writing
  • Clear and powerful ways to AVOID COMMON SONGWRITING MISTAKES
  • A unique Songbuilder’s Blueprint™ that guided you line by line into excellence
  • A FRESH VISION and purpose for your songwriting like never before



6weekSix Weeks to Successful Christian Songwriting is the culmination of my 30+ years of professional Christian songwriting and music publishing. In fact, I’m sharing with you in this course all of the insights and principles I used to manage dozens of pro songwriters for Integrity Media and Star Song Communications!                                


Six Powerful Training Modules

displayEach module contains almost TWO HOURS of valuable instruction broken into FOUR easy-to-digest video sections.

Expert Content

targetEach video module contains valuable insights and inspiration to guide you quickly and easily into understanding how professional Christian songwriters think and ends with a powerful songwriting exercise you can return to again and again.

Learning That’s Right For You

hatWhether you learn best by listening or reading, every module is designed with you in mind. A full PDF transcript for each module is included for download that you can print and mark on to your heart’s content.

The Songbuilder’s Blueprint™

musicbuildA very special bonus exercise in this course is our exclusive Songbuilder’s Blueprint™ designed especially for NCS and this six-week coaching experience. This unique blueprint walks you line by line and section by section through the function and purpose of each, giving you a powerful tool you can use for all your songwriting! No other songwriting course has this robust and creative tool—this tool alone is worth more than the price of the course.

Private Facebook Group

facebook-smJoin an active and compassionate group of creatives just like you who are excited to share their progress, insights, and experiences with you. I’ll be hanging out there often, as well, and it’s a great way to curb some of the “lonely songwriter syndrome” we all face from time to time.

Unlimited Access

Remember—you’ll have UNLIMITED ACCESS to the training modules 24/7. You can log on and learn anytime that’s right for you! Take as long as you want to work through the modules and improve at your own pace. It’s always there for you!




Module 1Module 2Module 3Module 4Module 5Module 6Coaching Option

Writing Great Christian Songs

What does it take to write truly great Christian songs? This module opens your heart and mind to the reasons God has called you and to take bold steps to follow His call to write.

Building Your Song Blueprint

Using the exclusive and powerful Songbuilder’s Blueprint™ you’ll see like never before the purpose and function of each line and section of your songs. The essential elements of prosody and reciprocity are brought home and you’ll approach your writing with a fresh understanding of how each line flows directly from and into the next, as well as how to move your song from section to section.

Writing Lyrics That Last

While music and melody is important, a lyric with staying power is what will make your songs endure into the next generation. Examples of songs that have endured as well as current predictions are examined to show you how to craft long-lasting and “sticky” lyrics.

Making Your Song Sing

While earlier modules focused on the powerful crafting of lyrics and identifying “North Star hooks” and how to identify and develop them, this module moves into crafting melodies that bring your lyrics to life. If you feel stuck in your melodies, this module helps move you out of the rut and on the road again.

Rhythm, Rhyme, and Imagery

Continuing the theme of melody writing, this module is a powerful session that covers choosing a musical style, understanding melodic hooks and riffs, working with rhythm versus lyric only, song modeling and casting, and the power of imminent imagery.

Refining, Recording, and Releasing Your Song

Once you’ve written a great song or have a great song in the making, it’s time to refine it, record it, and release it. This module walks you through the process of learning to rewrite, cowrite, and edit your song to the point it is ready to record and release. You’ll learn what “piano/vocals” and “guitar/vocals” are and the differences between home recordings and studio recordings with many insights and instructions on your next steps.

Song Coaching

If you order the Full Course Plus Song Coaching option, you will receive two 1-hour Song Coaching Sessions via Skype or Facetime video conference. There is no better way to boost your songwriting ability. We provide immediate song feedback with valuable insights and personalized direction specifically for you.


Six Weeks to Successful Christian Songwriting is perfect for:

  • Beginning songwriters wondering what it takes to write real songs
  • Intermediate songwriters wanting to freshen their skills and remember the key principles they may have forgotten
  • Worship leaders/music ministers wanting to write for their congregations
  • Singer/songwriters wanting to craft better songs for their audiences
  • Recording artists wanting to write for their ministries
  • Songwriters struggling with completing songs or needing to learn how to write better songs
  • Anyone wanting to communicate the Gospel in Christian songs


I’ve been loving the course. Having John Chisum teach you the deep things of songwriting is like sitting at the feet of the master. Take this course. Seriously.

Dana D.

Be prepared to wake up in the middle of the night with an “Aha moment!”, or while driving down the road for that matter. This course will open up a new world for you!

Debbie D.

John, just wanted to let you know that I’ve taken 3 or 4 of these courses online and when I signed up for this it was with “what the heck” attitude. I have been very pleasantly surprised. By far and away best I’ve seen. The proactive way you keep us involved is great!

David D.

Highly recommended!!! John Chisum is one of the best composers of Christian music!

Tito C.

I’m a long-time minister of music, but new to songwriting. I have found John Chisum’s course to be instructive, interesting, and perhaps most of all, motivating and encouraging. I’m very thankful for this new tool for songwriters and I highly recommend it!

David B.

John has obviously put his heart and soul into this course! My songwriting is becoming more of a discipline, and ideas are just overflowing! I love the private Facebook interaction with others in the class. It is a safe environment for constructive critique. Thanks, John!

Karen F.

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