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Can Your Songs Change the World?

(How to Show Up As Your BEST in Songwriting)

In my devotions this morning, Brennan Manning has written, “You are going to leave people feeling a little better or a little worse. You’re going to affirm them or deprive them, but there’ll be no neutral exchange. If we as a Christian community took seriously that the sign of our love for Jesus is our love for one another, I am convinced it would change the world. We’re denying to the world the one witness Jesus asked for: Love one another as I’ve loved you (John 15:12, from The Furious Longing of God; 2009).

We bring ourselves to our songs. #songrevolutionpodcast Click To Tweet

Like the old saying, “Wherever I go, there I am,” we don’t have the luxury of leaving the “bad parts” of ourselves outside the writing room. We bring ALL our attitudes, preferences, biases, loves, hates, and misunderstanding to the songs we write.

We can’t help but do so.

The bank executive can try to hide her hatred and suspicion of African Americans or Republicans or Democrats or Catholics or Polish or whatever, for instance, but they’ll still feel it in her presence, if even on a subconscious level.

Wherever we go, there we are.

When it comes to our songwriting, if we’re depressed, we bring depression and only want to write about our angst and pain. If we’re manic and “happy clappy,” we may overlook the needs of those who are hurting and miss the opportunity to speak joy to them in a way they can receive it instead of forcing an emotion on them they are unable to bear.

Our doubts about ourselves or cynicism about “the music industry” and wanting to control the outcome of the process haunts us and hinders us, holding us back from bringing our best selves to the task of communicating John 15:12 to each other and thereby to the world.

Gospel Music Association President Jackie Patillo said something to the effect that “Christian music is the only kind that can go into any genre with only one central message.”

Christian music crosses all genres with but one central message. #songrevolutionpodcast Click To Tweet

Regardless of the kind of songs you write, that one central message is love. Love for God, love from God, and love given to one another. Your songs are going to leave people feeling a little better or a little worse, affirm them or deprive them. When we don’t bring our best selves, hearts, attitudes, and lives to the writing, we’re denying the one witness Jesus asked for.

To write your best, you must be your best. #songrevolutionpodcast Click To Tweet

If you’re harboring anger, hatred, malice, and judgment against anyone, including yourself, it’s highly unlikely you’ll rise to the real opportunity to become the writer you want to be.

Remember: you can’t give something you don’t have.

“By this everyone will know that you are My disciples, if you love one another” (John 13:35). Love more, write more. Love less, write less.

In the end, our songwriting must be an extension of the limitless love of God. Only then will our songs change the world.

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