The One Secret You Need to Make Every Songwriting Session a Win

(And Never Feel Like a Loser Again!)

IMG_3731Have you ever set aside some time to write, but then NOTHING happened? You turned off the cell phone, shut down the laptop, got out the guitar or went to the keys, but were absolutely dry inside? Zip? Nada? Nothing?

You probably know the feeling… you stare at the page for an hour with NOTHING…You type some words on the screen and then ERASE THEM, like 12 times…You sit and play the same THREE CHORDS over and over on the guitar or keys and you get so BORED you just give up and go get a big bowl of ice cream?

Then you’re left sitting there judging yourself and being all Les Mis because you’re not getting anything done, feeling like a loser and wondering if you’ll EVER get a great song written, right? For a songwriter, this is death.

And, what’s worse is that this one bad songwriting session can easily turn into another bad songwriting session and another and another, UNTIL your frustration has compounded to the point you don’t even want to write anymore because you just can’t face the disappointment with yourself.

First, have a songwriting goal for every writing session. #writebettersongsnow Click To Tweet

But, what if you had a simple solution, a way to sidestep the frustration, and a proven method to make every songwriting session a win? Wouldn’t that be more than awesome? Of course it would! So, here it, the “secret” to making every songwriting session deliver results. I’ve used this “formula” to write and publish over 400 songs personally and to manage dozens of professional songwriters and produce hundreds of records, books, musicals, and other products.

First, have a songwriting goal for every session. Getting clear about what you want to write and why you want to write it is a quantum leap towards your success. Going into a session with no target will leave you wandering around chord progressions and lyric starts that may never lead you anywhere. Having a clear goal means you can actually measure results. Am I writing for children today? A worship song for my church? Something for radio or artists to hear and possibly record? Is it a message in my heart to sing?

Finish Your Songs Quickly and Easily

(Even If You've Been Stuck for a Long, Long Time!)

It should go without saying that learning to finish a song is as important as starting one, but this is exactly where a lot of songwriters get stuck.

You probably know what I mean…

You get an idea, maybe a phrase that could be a great hook, or a melody that you think, “No one’s heard this before and I totally know where it could go…”

Or something happens and you think, “There needs to be a song about this” because you saw a need in the world or you’ve just come through something hard and you KNOW that God helped you through somehow and you want to share it in your native tongue of SONG.

So, you sit down to write(if you remembered to put the original hook and idea in your phone) but nothing happens… *crickets crickets…

Or, maybe you started the song and are stuck somewhere moving it into the chorus or you’re stuck in the “2nd verse blues” stage and just can’t seem to move it forward.

Maybe you’re wandering around aimlessly in the FORM or the MELODY or the LYRICS somewhere and the song’s getting FUZZIER instead of CLEARER and it’s really frustrating!

Am I right about this? Does this happen to you?

SO – if this has happened to you more than once or it seems to be the norm for your writing, I want you to know three things…

It’s not because you’re NOT talented
it’s not because God just hasn’t GIVEN you the rest of the song to torture you
It’s not because you’re not smart enough to finish songs

The only reason you’re not finishing your songs is because you have a WRONG PERSPECTIVE on them (and maybe about songwriting in general).

Here’s what I mean…

Having a wrong perspective only means we’re looking at the RIGHT THING from the WRONG ANGLE. It usually only takes a few minor perspective adjustments to get the right kind of focus and start seeing the results we want.

When a songwriter isn’t finishing songs consistently, it usually means there are self-esteem issues involved, an incorrect perspective on what GOD thinks about us and our songs, and a certain passivity that shifts blame and keeps us incapacitated.